royston turquoise and pacific coral necklace thunderbird rising marcella james native american symbol jewelry

Thunderbird Rising Necklace

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Royston Turquoise & Pacific Coral. 

Artist: Marcella James

20" long

Royston Turquoise has a wide range of color. In fact, Royston is known for having the most dynamic color change of any American Turquoise.

It is common to have a blue stone with a streak, band or river of green going through or across the stone, this type of Turquoise Jewelry is called "Ribbon or Boulder". Color variations can include gold, brown or deep yellow bands/rivers. 

Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonapah, Nevada.

The Thunderbird Symbol. The Native Thunderbird Symbol represents power, protection, and strength. He is often seen as the most powerful of all spirits and can also transform into human form by opening his head up like a mask and taking his feathers off as if they were a mere blanket.