Teller Indian jewelry pin shapped pendant turquoise stamped sterling silver Native american made Navajo symbols

Teller Pin Pendant, Turquoise

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A long, thin pendant made of sterling silver and turquoise. The silver is long and straight, ending in a drop with the round, turquoise bead. 

The main length of the pendant has symbols stamped into it. The thin, straight lines symbolize rain, and the triangular shapes along the edges are mountains. Rain symbols mean renewal or fertility. Mountain symbols mean distance, or strength. Turquoise normally symbolizes success and protection from misfortune. 

Handmade by Navajo artists on the Navajo Reservation, below the Lukachukai Mountains. The artists are self-taught, and incorporate traditional Navajo symbols and themes into each piece.

** Note: the chain is a separate purchase from the pendant. The chain is choker length. The pendant does not come with a chain when purchased. **