Stamped Scalloped Pot with Turquoise

Stamped Scalloped Pot with Turquoise

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The designers at J. Alexander Rustic Silver wanted to create a line of home accessories that resembled the Navajo stamp work of the early 1900’s.

J. Alexander Silver products are crafted from German silver: an alloy containing nickel and copper. Each piece is hand made and hand finished. 

They have a substantial heft and feel solid in your hand. The finish is something we’re particularly proud of called “polished vintage”. These items look like they could have passed through a trading post at some point in their past.

J. Alexander Rustic Silver items are made one at a time, by hand. Each piece is  is hand tooled by skilled artisans using techniques that have been around for generations.

Each J. Alexander Silver piece will be slightly unique and has a finish that looks somewhat vintage; there are supposed to be some darker black spots on the metal.

Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 inches