Multi-Stone Necklace, Turquoise
Multi-Stone Necklace, Turquoise

Multi-Stone Necklace, Turquoise

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This necklace is full of beautiful small beads of turquoise strung with coral, abalone and spiny oyster pieces. The turquoise is a combination of Kingman and Sleeping Beauty.

The center section splits into three strands, one of abalone, one of coral, and one of turquoise. Each stone has its own meaning that it brings to the full pieces. 

Meanings of the Stones:

Turquoise: a symbol of protection, and success. It also can bring healing. 

Coral: brings healing and understanding.

Abalone: represents foundations, patience and building. 

Spiny Oyster: joy and warmth. 

This necklace is handmade by Navajo artist Eunice Begay.

22 to 24 inches long. 

Graduated rondelles and half moon stones.