Mary Teller Treasure Necklace
Mary Teller Treasure Necklace

Mary Teller Treasure Necklace

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On this treasure necklace, you'll find beads of every shape and size, along with charms used to bring symbolism.  

Treasure Necklaces were originally designed by a white woman in the 1970s. She strung necklaces with items she had on hand - shards of pottery, broken jewelry, stones and beads. They became known as "Treasure Necklaces". 

They became so popular that Native American artists copied the design and made it their own. 

Explanation of symbols: 

Bears: symbols of protection, strength and leadership. 

Feather: it holds all your dreams and prayers. It protects you and your family, as a mark of honor. It is one of the most sacred Native American images. It connects Heaven to Earth. 

Butterfly:  Transition, joy, dance of life, energy, and color

Handmade by Navajo artists on the Navajo Reservation, below the Lukachukai Mountains. The artists are self-taught, and incorporate traditional Navajo symbols and themes into each piece.