Annie Oakley little sure shot morgan weistling prix de west 2019 artist signed print art western

Little Sure Shot by Morgan Weistling

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Little Sure Shot, Prix de West 2019

Artist: Morgan Weistling

Brand new release from artist Morgan Weistling. Morgan paints another western work of art perfect for the history buff in all of us.

None other than Lakota Chief Sitting Bull gave his fellow Buffalo Bill’s Wild West star the nickname of “Little Sure Shot.”
Born Phoebe Ann Moses in 1860 rural Ohio, it was her 16-year run, from 1885 to 1901, with the Wild West that cemented Annie Oakley’s place in Western American folklore. Oakley’s enduring legacy was demonstrating that a woman could be as capable as any man when given the opportunity to prove herself.


Size: 22" x 16"