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Laura Ingalls Salado Gus Palm Hat

Laura Ingalls Salado Gus Palm Hat

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This hat starts with the most popular and very flattering palm Gus hat body. It has a 4" brim and a 5 1/4" crown. It is hand laced in denim blue leather lace. The hatband has a base of dark blue suede and topped with this incredibly colorful blue and black beaded hatband. Check out the feather assortment as it is the perfect complement.

Size: 7 1/8.

Care: Hats should never be set down on their brim. This will cause them to turn up. Instead, place the hat upside down on the crown. When storing your hat, you can place it in a hat holder, on a roll of paper towel or even a coffee can. Just remember to keep the brim elevate.

Cleaning: For easy stains, you can brush out the stain, or use corn starch or talc powder to dry it. For harder stains, clean with a damp cloth. For the hardest stains, a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide can be carefully applied.

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