woven horsehair stampede string hat band loops tassels secure rust brown

Horsehair Stampede String with Full Loop, Rust

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Gone are the days when a fast trot down the road will cause your hat to fly right off your head! 

A "stampede string" is a string used to hold a hat (commonly a cowboy hat but it can be any type of hat) on a person's head. In the cowboy world stampede strings range from the plain but functional (for example, a simple string of leather) to the fancy and fashionable (braided leather or horsehair, colorful, etc.).

Our stampede strings are made of woven horsehair, with an adjustable knot that moves up and down the length of the strings, allowing you to tighten them just under your chin. 

Full loop stampedes are designed to go through the brim of your hat and loop around the crown from both sides to form a hatband and a stampede string.