Hashtag Tote Bag - Signed

Hashtag Tote Bag - Signed

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For a LIMITED TIME, we’re offering our line of Thanks, Tim Products signed by Tim himself!

We know some of Tim’s fans have been unable to make their way to the Museum to say “Howdy.” A hat or bandanna signed by Tim is a great way to feel that personal connection while maintaining social distance.

Fun Face: this is Tim's favorite product to sign! 

This bag is totes handy! Made from a sturdy and washable canvas, this will be your new "throw everything and anything in it" bag. 

Groceries. Kids' Toys. Books. Pet Toys. Shopping Bag. Beach Tote. Tools. Sneaking snacks into the movies. Bringing lunch to the park. And so much more! 

Dimensions: 15 x 14 inches, handles are 9 inches long