Dakota Epic book experiences of a reenactor during the fliming of dances with wolves by bill markley and illustrated by jim hatzell

Dakota Epic: Experiences of a Reenactor During the Filming of Dances with Wolves

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Kevin Costner's award-winning film, Dances With Wolves was first released in 1990. Dakota Epic is a first-hand account of the filming from an extra's viewpoint.

Bill Markley, a reenactor on the set, kept a journal during the filming. "When I was selected to be in Dances With Wolves, I had no movie or reenacting experience, so everything was new to me."

From a rookie's viewpoint, Bill takes us into the world of movie-making and reenacting. Experience the filming of the opening Civil War scenes. Visit the "frontier" at Ft. Hays. And be with the Lakota and cavalry at the concluding Search for Dunbar.

This is a rousing, humorous look behind the scenes of movie-making. The illustrations were created by Jim Hatzell, a reenactor and artist who drew a wide variety of sketches while on the set.

Bill and Jim have worked together to develop a unique view of life on the Dances With Wolves film set. If you have ever wondered what the background people were doing and thinking during and between filming, then this is the book for you. You will never view the people in a film's background quite the same after reading this book.