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Bohlin 5 Buckle Set

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The 5 series buckle is one of our oldest designs. This classic shape has been the foundation of many of our other 1” buckle sets. The 5 is made from a solid sheet of silver that is punched out by the No. 5 die that was created by Ed Bohlin himself in the twenties.

The buckle is then fully engraved, using the engraving pattern that Bohlin designed in the 1930s, giving the buckle its classic western feel. This buckle is made to fit a 1” belt.

All of our No. 5 -based buckle sets originate from the original Bohlin No. 5 die. This elegant buckle design has been in continuous use since the early twenties and is actually credited as the design basis for most of the three-piece, western-themed buckle sets later created.

It was Edward Bohlin’s unique relationship with Hollywood and its growing dependency on the western film genre that created the classic western look so dominant in film throughout this century.

The No. 5, and its big brother, the No. 6, a 1-1/2” version, created the stylish combination look of a belt and buckle set worn together with a gun belt buckle set. This buckle combination was made famous by the Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore.