Edward Bohlin sterling silver belt 19S Cheyenne 1 inch wide Tom Mix movie star set men gift

Bohlin 19S Buckle Set

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Originally designed for the silent screen cowboy Tom Mix, the 19 or "Cheyenne" series is one of the oldest designs Bohlin has made.

The 19S features this unique buckle blank in all sterling silver. Your initials or brand can be overlaid or engraved on the shield. This buckle is made to fit a 1" belt.

A pivotal movement in Edward Bohlin's life was his introduction to silent screen cowboy, Tom Mix. Mix played a critical role in starting our founder's career by bringing him to Hollywood.

So supportive of Bohlin's talent, Mix introduced the young artisan to the great Hollywood director, Cecil B. DeMille. DeMille gave Ed Bohlin a job working on the production of DeMille's classic BEN HUR.

Bohlin worked in the studio's saddle and leather shop and produced chariot harnesses and leggings for the film. Bohlin was so grateful to Mix he designed this very special buckle set for the star, and the Cheyenne was born.

Bohlin's Handcrafted buckles are made to order, so please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. To check whether an item is in stock for immediate delivery, please feel free to call Bohlin directly.