A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale - Tom Van Dyke

A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale - Tom Van Dyke

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A young man, not yet sixteen, crosses the Mississippi in 1873 without fear. This book tells a magical story with wit and grit of unraveled characters and amazing experiences in a land bigger and more beautiful than any dream. 

With empty pockets, a spark for life, and a wild sense of freedom, he tells his story in a cowboys' soup of words, following his heart while searching for adventure and fortune in a new world.

Disillusioned by the harsh realities of the Great Plains, WB's roam takes a dramatic twist when he meets the love of his life. As they fall in love, fate strikes, and they are separated. Crisscrossing the Far West in search of each other, they struggle to stay alive. Overcoming the perils of a wild frontier and a western theater of unraveled characters, they discover a land bigger and more beautiful than any dream....


About the Author

Tom Van Dyke is a nationally recognized film producer-director and an award-winning screenwriter. One of his motion pictures was considered for nomination of an Academy Award.


Tom created and wrote the American Bicentennial television public service announcements, Stand Up and Be Counted, featuring John Denver, the most widely viewed national and international PSAs in the history of television.


His creative expression of writing and film production is shared with his creation of fine art. Tom's sculptures, paintings, and photography have been exhibited or are in the permanent collections of the NY Museum of Modern Art, the Carnegie Art Institute, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Henry Ford Museum, the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and the Butler Institute of American Art.