Buffalo dancer allan houser 1994 prix de west bolo commemorative bronze tie
woven horsehair bolo tie

1994 Prix de West Bolo, Buffalo Dancer by Allan Houser

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Buffalo Dancer of the Rio Grande Pueblo by Allan Houser.

The bolo was designed by the Chiricahua Apache sculptor Allan Houser, who won the Prix de West in 1993 for his 57-inch-high bronze statue of an Apache Indian brave sending a smoke signal.

The sculptor said the medallion depicts both the youthfulness of the dancer as well as the continuing tradition and meaning that the buffalo dance holds for the various Pueblo people who live along the Rio Grande.

Add to your collection of our Prix de West bolos, or start your collection today! These bolos are replicas of the original artwork. Each bolo comes with a braided horsehair bolo tie. 

The bolo comes in bronze. 

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