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Gourmet Gardens Jarred Goods

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Choose from preserves, salsas, and more!

Label features Emigrants Crossing the Plains by Albert Bierstadt.

About Gourmet Gardens

Twenty years ago Barbara Bradshaw combined her two loves "farming and cooking" to create the nationally recognized and acclaimed Gourmet Gardens brand. Consistency and quality are what you can expect and equate with our brand.

Gourmet Gardens was the first to create home-style food for a gourmet market concept. Because of a combination of American-based recipes and our private labeling program, the company continues to flourish and grow every year.

But it's not just that. Cooking is our passion and it shows in each and every product.

With the help of her family and local workers, Mrs. Bradshaw took the recipes from her mind and put them to the test in the kitchen.

What you see today and what Gourmet Gardens offers you are premium food products to fit anyone's palate. And as consumers continue their quest for more health-conscious products, our tradition of high quality taste with limited preservatives keeps growing in appeal.

Mrs. Bradshaw captures the essence of home-style and healthful products, all in an attractive package and ready to eat. She believes strongly in "grandma's favorites," products that in today's hectic lifestyle were becoming a thing of the past. All you have to do is remove the lid and enjoy the product.

There simply is no better.