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A Cowboy Christmas

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by Tom Van Dyke

A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale is a novel of historic fiction for all ages. Masterfully crafted, the story explores the lore of the Western frontier when it was imagined to be as big and far away as the moon.

The story begins just beyond the far bank of the Mississippi, moments after the Great War when the Stars and Bars were in tattered threads, and sweeps westward to California gold through the Arizona and New Mexico Territories.

WB, not yet sixteen, crosses the mighty river without fear and leaves the muddy shores of civilization behind. With empty pockets, a spark for life, and a wild sense of freedom, he follows his heart searching for adventure and fortune in a new world.

Experiencing the harsh realities of the Great Plains, WB’s roam takes a dramatic twist when he meets the love of his life, Ginny. They fall in love and as fate has it, they are separated by a hostile encounter.

Heartbroken, Ginny steals away from her parents to begin her search and wanders the western frontier—the mountain wilderness; the unforgiving desert; the open range teaming with mustangs; the gold fields, explosive mining camps; and western towns connected by stagecoach—to find WB.

Overcoming the hardships of staying alive and enduring the challenges of a vast landscape —their destiny—bound by love and loyalty is tested.

Searching for each other, WB and Ginny, encounter the perils and western theater of unraveling characters—bushwhackers; settlers; a wealthy ex-slave woman with aprons of gold; Apache Indians; Sunny, a mysterious cowboy; a range hand with unwanted intentions provoking Ginny’s worst fear; ‘strikes it rich’ miners; caballeros; a photographer; a writer of half-dime novels and cowboys—Ginny and WB come alive—discovering their own identities.

An American tale rich in history and vivid word pictures is drawn with colorful imagination and told in a cowboy’s flavorful soup of words with wit, grit, and humor—an inspiring adventure of discovery, character, strength and romance.