Brothers' Loss and Renewal Blanket

Brothers' Loss and Renewal Blanket

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Special Edition in Collaboration with Dustin Illetewahke Mater

Long ago, on the banks of the great river, Balbásha’ Okhina’ (the Mississippi River) two brothers, Chiksa’ and Chahta are mourning the loss of the beloved Ofi’ Tohbi Ishto’ (The Big White Dog), a gift from Aba’ Bínni’li’ (The Creator). For it was a gift that helped guide them to new lands and heal their wounds while on their journey.

Now it waits for us in the stars as Ofi’ Tohbi Ihina’ (The Milky Way), to guide us to our next journey in the afterlife. Now the people look to the leaning pole for divine direction from the Creator to their new lands.


  • 53 x 75 Inches

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton

  • Made sustainably in the USA

Fabric Care

  • Gentle wash cold. Air dry or dry clean