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Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins

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by Dan Burle

Dan Burle, Sr. is a best-selling Author, Rancher, Cattleman, Horseman, Musician and Cowboy Humorist. He and his wife Bernice own Cedar Spring Ranch Horse and Cattle Co. where they raise and train Missouri Fox Trotter Horses. This historical fiction is the second in Dan's Three for Hire Western series. It has everything you're looking for in a Western: heroes, villains, cattle rustlings, gunfights, a saloon brawl, holdups and much more. The story has its roots during the Civil War but comes to a head in 1880 in a legendary town of the Old West, San Antonio, Texas. A secret society, the Knights of the Golden Circle, goes underground after President Lincoln's assassination. It re-emerges under a new identity, spewing death and destruction throughout the West. The fearless Three for Hire are employed by President Hayes to saddle-up, head west, risk their lives for their President and country, and to expose and bring to justice those low-life evildoers of the clandestine underground. Prepare for a shocking conclusion!