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The Chuckwagon Cookbook

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By B. Byron Price

Published in cooperation with the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, this cookbook is often thought of as the "Cowboy Hall of Fame's Chuckwagon Cookbook". Now in its second publishing it is just as wonderful now as it was then. B. Byron Price is a former director of the National Cowboy Museum and is now the Director of the Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of the American West and Charles Marion Russell Memorial Chair at the University of Oklahoma. It hardly has to be said that he knows a few things about the West, trails, and chuckwagon cooking.

Food cooked out in the open after a rugged day on the trail must have tasted entirely different than our everyday fare. However, for anyone interested in learning about chuckwagon cooking, the "cookies" who made the meals, or the variety of foods Cowboys ate, this is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime cookbook!