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Raku Pottery Bear Fetish

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Raku Pottery

The Raku pottery process is very unique ceramic firing process. After the pottery has been bisque fired, it is glazed and raku fired to a temperature of around 1800( F) in a propane-fired raku kiln. It takes about a 30 minutes to reach temperature. The pottery is removed from the raku kiln with specially designed raku tongs, while it is still glowing hot, and placed in a metal can filled with combustible materials. The heat from the pottery ignites the material and the can is immediately sealed. The fire quickly uses all the oxygen in the can and draws it from the pottery and glaze or "post fire reduction" The reduction stage is what causes the wonderfully unique, unpredictable and spontaneous patterns of color and metallic luster. After 15 minutes or so in the reduction can, the pottery is removed and dunked in water to "freeze" the patterns.